• Owners

  • Owner and Head Instructor Charles Dean

    Martial Arts, Fitness, and teaching have always been important to Head Instructor, School Owner, and WI-MAFC co-founder Mr. Charles Dean. He graduated from Lafollette High School and earned a full football and track scholarship in 1989. He attended St. Cloud State University where he graduated in 1994 with a degree in Recreation with an emphasis in Corporate Fitness. During his third year at St. Cloud State, he enrolled at the St. Cloud Tang Soo Do martial arts school as a means of increasing his flexibility for football and track and was hooked immediately. He studied Tang Soo Do for nearly 8 years, attaining his 2nd Degree Black Belt and winning 3 Grand Championships during his time with the Moo Duk Kwan Federation. Everything came together very nicely for him as he earned two-time All American Honors in football as a running back and received professional tryouts with the New York Jets, Cleveland Browns, and the Green Bay Packers.

    After graduation, Instructor Dean moved back to Madison, WI to be closer to family and friends. He began studying Hwa Rang Do in October 2000 at the Madison East location under Master David Kijek. While he studied in HRD, he attained the rank of 3rd Degree Black Belt, became a 6-time undefeated sparring champion, and won the 2011 world heavy-weight grappling and weapon fighting championships. He also became the owner of two schools on Madison's West (2006) and North (2015) sides, and with the help of his outstanding team of black belt instructors, he was able to open 3 additional clubs in Stoughton, Mt. Horeb, and Fitchburg.

    In 2016, Mr. Dean left Hwa Rang Do to pursue a life-long dream and became co-founder of the Wisconsin Martial Arts & Fitness Center. Having his 3 sons (CJ, Isaiah, and Alex) training with him, and developing professional business relationships all over the state of Wisconsin (Widen Enterprises, Girl Scouts, Briarpatch, and the Department of Public Instruction), Mr. Dean has truly found what makes him happy, which is serving the community and teaching kids and adults.

  • Black Belt Instructors

    3rd Degree

  • Instructor Jason VandeKieft

    Instructor VandeKieft began his martial training shortly after arriving in Madison in 1998. 

    He has taught martial arts to people of all ages for the last ten years. 

    Instructor VandeKieft believes that anyone can benefit from martial training regardless of their age, gender, or ability.  

  • Instructor Elyse Pierce

    Elyse Pierce is an instructor at the Madison West and Madison North locations of WI-MAFC. She has been training in various martial arts since she was 7 years old and is a Black Belt.

    Out of all the sports she has ever played, she thinks martial arts are the most fun, so she'll probably be doing them for the rest of her life.

    Instructor Pierce has lived in many different states and parts of the country as she pursues her graduate degrees, yet she always returns to teach and train in Madison, where she has been learning from Mr. Dean since 2007.    

  • Instructor Natasha Williams

    Instructor Williams has been training in martial arts from a young age. Over the years she has participated in and helped host a variety of international and local seminars, tournaments, and demonstrations.

    Instructor Williams brings a background in teaching at the elementary level to the mat, blending school and martial art approaches during her weekly bilingual classes.

    When she isn't teaching, she enjoys traveling with her husband Gabe and spending time with their dog Oliver. She also loves trying new things with friends and family. She credits martial arts with giving her the confidence to take on new challenges and provide motivation and guidance to her students every day.

  • Instructor Heather Lee

    Instructor Lee has been participating in martial arts for over 20 years, of which more than 15 have been spent teaching.

    She especially enjoys teaching kids as they have the most to gain. She finds it greatly rewarding to see a child beam with self-confidence whenever they learn a new skill or receive a good report from home or school.

    Outside of the dojang, Instructor Lee works as a realtor and a nurse. Through both, she has found that she loves working as an advocate for people and loves teaching them about health and investments. She feels blessed that she loves the work that she does and still has time to dabble in other things.

    Martial Arts have led Instructor Lee to also train in parkour, gymnastics, and stunts, each of which has taught her fundamentals that carry over to martial arts teaching.

  • Black Belt Instructors

    2nd Degree

  • Instructor Kevin Mancusi

    Studying a martial art was a long-held dream of Kevin's while growing up.  Most of his youth was spent learning about Bruce Lee and watching Jackie Chan movies. 

    His first introduction to WI-MAFC came in the form of a weekly self-defense class his employer offered, and it was his first time meeting Instructor Dean.  Having a renewed drive and interest, Kevin became a student of WI-MAFC North.

    Kevin teaches the Juniors classes on Tuesdays and Thursdays.  He also trains and assists on the Westside, Mondays and Fridays.

  • Black Belt Instructors

    1st Degree

  • Instructor Kerstin Gorsuch

    Kerstin Gorsuch has been training with WI-MAFC since 2016. As a kid he always wanted to practice martial arts. One day a friend at work suggested that he come over to the Stoughton location.

    After two years of training in Stoughton he moved over to the North Side where he now trains today.

    Kerstin enjoys training and learning new things. Outside of training, Kerstin enjoys the outdoors, participating in many organizations. In the Boy Scouts of America, Kerstin obtained the rank of Eagle and continued his journey in High Adventure.

    “Just as true humor is laughter at oneself,  true humanity is knowledge of oneself!” -Alan Watts    

  • Instructor Josh Porter

    Josh Porter was first introduced to martial arts after watching the movie The Karate Kid (2010). After that, he wanted to train in martial arts but there were no martial arts schools close by.

    Then, in spring of 2015, he tried class at WI-MAFC Madison North after being invited by a few of his friends.

    Josh enjoys helping out during classes and hopes to get his Black Belt by the end of 2019.

  • Assistant Instructors

  • Assistant Instructor Nestor Garcia

    Nestor first started training with instructor dean when he was 5 years old. He got his black belt when he was 10 and his second degree when he was 13.

    He currently trains at and helps teach class at the West side school.

    He is also on the wrestling team at James Madison Memorial High School.

  • Assistant Instructor Isaiah Dean

    Isaiah Dean has been training in martial arts since he was four years old. He got his Black Belt at the age of nine.

    He trains and teaches mostly on the West Side of Madison. He has done lots of martial arts and BJJ around the U.S. and has won lots of medals.

    He also does lots of community teaching around Madison, such as with One City Schools.

    He likes to play sports like football and basketball.