• The Wisconsin Martial Arts and Fitness Center offers fitness/self-defense instruction to the public through our circuit training classes. These group workouts were designed by certified personal trainers and are a great resource for people who may not want to become full students at our martial art school, but who do want to exercise regularly and to learn practical self-defense.

    Courses are offered at each of our main schools based on the schedule on this page, and will cost $10 per class. Participants should wear workout clothing and should eventually purchase a pair of boxing gloves or hand wraps. The class will cover a quick warm-up and some self-defense concepts, but its main focus will be interval circuit training. These exercises, done for 1 minute each, are designed to challenge several muscle groups and the cardio-vascular system, all to each participant's individual level of fitness.

    Some of our signature exercises include:

    • Heavy Bag punches / kicks
    • Sand Bag lifts
    • Jumping Rope
    • Resistance Band curls
    • Speed Bag work
    • Medicine Ball presses
    • Battle Rope slams
    • Box jumps
    • Ab Wheel extensions
    • Kettle Bell swings
    • and much more!

    If participants want a more in-depth training experience, we also offer an advanced version of the course. This version happens simultaneously as the basic one, but costs $15 per class and includes monthly fitness tests and weight and BMI tracking. Participants are welcome to do either version. These classes are open both to the public and to our regular students.

    Some benefits of our circuit training program are:

    • Better fitness and health, including measurable improvements in stamina, weight loss, muscle tone/mass, or whatever your goals may be!
    • Gains in strength, balance, flexibility, and reaction time
    • Safety and awareness training and practical self-defense instruction
    • Fitness goal-setting and tracking, including dietary and nutrition management
    • Fun, welcoming, energetic environment for all levels and abilities
    • No commitment, and all starting at a $10 drop-in fee per class!
  • Schedule

    Madison North:

    • Tuesdays 9:00 - 9:45am
    • Thursdays 9:00 - 9:45am