• On Tuesday, May 1, 2018, Emerson Elementary had its annual Multicultural Night. It is my favorite night of the year when we gather together to enjoy diverse foods from Emerson families and local restaurants, get to experience family's cultural presentations (this year we learned about Germany), as well as experience a group activity or performance. 
    This year we were blessed to have Charles Dean, Owner and Head Instructor of the WI Martial Arts & Fitness Center North and West, come and present. My daughter, Iris (an Emerson student) and I, both students of Instructor Dean's, assisted him as he presented his Bully-Safe Curriculum to our community of parents and children.
    Instructor Dean demonstrated effective ways of using our posture and words, how to achieve wrist escapes as well as ducking out of the way of an aggressive peer. As the children practiced these non-violent interventions, I watched their transition from timid to more confident and powerful with each succession. 
    To close the night, Instructor Dean generously gave away t-shirts and stickers and several kids even broke boards. The amazement on the kid's faces as they watched their peers break through this obstacle was inspiring! One parent came up to me afterward and exclaimed, "That was amazing! I had no idea my kid could do that!" Instructor Dean even had a little fun with our principal as he invited him to participate, but then let him off easy by handing him a t-shirt.
    All in all, it was a great night. Instructor Dean is such a gifted teacher and has the ability to gain the attention and respect of his audience while communicating warmth, fun, and connection. I know we feel grateful for the positive impact he has had on our family and I am honored to support him in sharing his gifts with our wider community.
    Thanks again!
    Rainbow Marifrog