• Tournament Participants and Parents,

    Here are some tournament protocols, rules, and tips to help everyone involved have a very successful and safe event! 

    I. General Rules:

    • Be early
    • Wear clean uniforms, must have patch, proper equipment
    • Make sure all equipment has the owner's name on it
    • Tournaments last about 8 hours- plan accordingly.
    • Please attend all Fight Nights and Open Gyms to practice!!
    • See instructors for private lessons- there is a small charge but it’s worth it! 


    All participants must be encouraging and respectful to other competitors,  follow all directions given by tournament officials, and show modesty and humility whether in victory or defeat. Failure to comply will result in disqualification. 


    All spectators/parents must stay within the clearly marked spectator zones for both theirs and the competitors’ safety.

    Side-line coaching is not allowed. Cheering is fine, but no specific coaching or booing/jeering.  

    II. Competitor Divisions

    For the most part, competitors are split into moderate-sized divisions that are evenly matched between age, rank, size, gender, etc. However, this can be affected by the number of participants. For example, if there are a small number of weapon form competitors, participants using different weapons (sword and nunchucks) may be combined into one division. If there are a large number of grappling competitors, a division may be further split into lightweight / heavyweight groups. Odd-numbered fighting divisions (sparring and grappling) require the use of byes for elimination rounds. **We will never combine across Little Tiger / Junior / Adult lines** All of this is determined on the day of the tournament, in staging, based on the turn-out.

    III. Event Types

    A. Forms / Weapon Forms / Handsets

    Forms announcements:  “Judges, my name is___________.  I represent WI-MAFC (West/North).  My instructor's name is Mr. Dean and my form is_______________.  With your permission may I begin?

    This is the same for weapon forms.

    Rules:  participants are evaluated on confidence, good deep stances, clean punching and kicking technique, speed and power.  Forms should generally finish where they start.

    Little Tiger Combative Handsets:

    We will have Little Tigers perform combative handsets two times on each side.  There will be a pad holder to guide them.  Please review the online videos with your child to make sure they are comfortable with the handsets.

    B. Sparring

    Point Sparring (Color Belts and Little Tigers/Juniors):

    Light contact to the padded part of the helmet (green belt and up only for Little Tigers)

    Light contact to the chest

    Rounds are 2 minutes.  First person to 5 or whoever is ahead at the end of two minutes will be awarded the victory. Hand Strike = 1 point; Kick = 2 points; Jump Kick to Head = 3 points; Take-Down (blue belt and up only) = 2-3 points, with 1 point each for follow-up and counter strike

    Full Contact Sparring (Advanced Adults only):

    Judged on clean kicks, punches, takedown and spirit.  2 minute rounds are  continuous and submissions are legal.  

    All participants must have proper attire which includes groin protector for males and mouthpiece for males and females.

    C. Grappling/BJJ  

    Position Grappling (Color Belts and Little Tigers/Juniors):

    Rounds are 2 minutes and start from the knees. First person to 10 or whoever is ahead at the end of two minutes will be awarded the victory. Various positions and moves range anywhere from 2-3 points.

    Submission Grappling (Advanced Adults and BJJ students with approval):

    Rounds are 2 minutes and start from standing. Takedowns and submissions are allowed.  The person who forces their opponent to tap or whoever is ahead at the end of two minutes will be awarded the victory. Various positions and moves range anywhere from 2-3 points.

    We hope this helps to give you a good idea of what to expect the day of the tournament. Please feel free to speak to an instructor with any questions you may have.

    Thank you,