• Wisconsin Martial Arts and Fitness Center has several engaging programs for kids of almost any age and ability. With careful consideration given to the attention spans, learning abilities, and physical development of different ages of children, we separate our youth students into two main age categories: Little Tigers (ages 3-8) and Juniors (ages 9-13). Students will start at White Belt and test up through our nine color belts to reach Black Belt.

  • Little Tigers (ages 4-8)

    For Little Tigers, we place heavy focus on discipline and attentive listening. Children of this age have either not started formal education yet or have only attended school for a year or two. Therefore they might still struggle with concepts such as following directions, patience, or respecting the personal space of others. At WI-MAFC we reinforce these concepts through martial arts and fitness training. Our youngest students will learn kicking, punching, and blocking techniques, basic self-defense, tumbling and acrobatics, and some weaponry, as well as the importance of being physically active. They will also train in our three main forms of sport application, with light-contact point sparring, position-only grappling, and foam weapon fighting.

  • Juniors (ages 9-13)

    For Juniors, we raise our expectations for both discipline and martial arts, and fitness training. These older children are responsible for abiding by our full Code of Conduct, including such values as teamwork, courage, optimism, and humility.  Our students will learn kicking, punching, and blocking combinations, footwork and distancing, self-defense and some joint manipulation applications, traditional forms, tumbling and acrobatics, and weaponry. Fitness training is also more high intensity and detail oriented than it is for Little Tigers. Juniors train in our three forms of sport application: both point and continuous sparring, position grappling, and foam weapon fighting. 

  • Our classes and hours vary by location. 
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