• Friday nights are all application at WI-MAFC.

    Our Fight Night classes are structured around sparring and grappling, with some drilling and instruction, but primarily matching. Everyone (even the instructors!) fights one-on-one in 2 minute rotations, with plenty of fitness in between.

    Fight Night is the most high-intensity class of the week- you will sweat, a lot! Students should come ready for battle*, wear their heavyweight uniforms, and have sparring gear to attend.

  • Components:

    • point sparring offensive and defensive drills
    • continuous sparring take-down and quick-submit drills
    • cardio punching
    • boxing mitt work
    • “60 Seconds of Pain” (body impact conditioning)
    • partner calisthenics (pushups, sit-ups, lifts, and carries)
    • The Mat Drill (ground movement)
    • The Sprawl Drill (dynamic leg pick defense)
    • position grappling pins, escapes, and counters
    • submission grappling take-downs, defenses, and submission chains
    • grappling football games (flag tag and team touchdowns)
    • sparring and grappling referee training
    • many, many rounds of matching
    • and more

    *While this class is high energy and focuses on dynamic application, we at WI-MAFC want to emphasize that we value safety and control above all else. All matches are friendly, not competitive, and our policy is for all students to “fight down” to the level of their opponent. For example, a black belt student will not use advanced spinning or jumping sparring techniques on a white belt student, but utilize only the kicks and strikes the white belt knows. Similarly, a 250lb student will not rely on only muscle and weight to dominate an opponent half their size in grappling, but will practice sound fundamentals and proper technique to match in a way that is productive for both students. We want everyone to feel welcome at all of our classes and to have a positive, fun, and engaging learning experience.