• Adapting to COVID-19

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    The COVID-19 pandemic has impacted many businesses and many lives. In a lot of cases it has been a significant disruption to our way of life.

    If you’ve noticed our logo, here at Wisconsin Martial Arts & Fitness Center we embody the scorpion and what it represents.

    Our blended system of martial arts is adaptable and balanced. In relation to COVID-19, our practices are also adaptable and balanced to facilitate anyone who desire to come to the physical space and anyone who chooses to train at home.

    No matter the developments with Covid-19, WI-MAFC is prepared and ready to deliver Traditional Martial Arts and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu instruction to our students any time.

    Ever Adapting


    We’ve listened to our members and have laid out safety protocols including:

    • Student check-in process including specified entrance and exit locations to avoid claustrophobic standing areas
    • Temperature checking with a forehead thermometer
    • Mandatory mask wearing
    • Breaks to wash hands
    • Maintained social distancing

    We have an in-depth process in place for new and returning students and families to safely come back to train.

    Online Content

    Active members also receive the benefit of our extensive video library for our Traditional curriculum. All color belts from White to Half-Black with video references and step-by-step instructions!

    Two Locations

    Looking to train in person? We have two locations in western and northern ends of Madison with full curriculums offered at both!
    Click the link to learn more about each school.

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