• A Balanced Curriculum for All Ages

    We offer a comprehensive martial arts and fitness system here at WI-MAFC. Providing professional instruction for children, teens, and adults- with options for adaptive classes for the physically or mentally disabled- our schools are open up to six days a week teaching traditional martial arts, self-defense, joint manipulation, tumbling and acrobatics, weaponry, circuit training, sparring, grappling, weapon fighting, and more!

  • Kids Martial Arts

    Children as young as 4 can begin their training at WI-MAFC. Little Tigers (ages 4-8) practice a system of martial arts and fitness that emphasizes safety, discipline and attentive listening, along with a simplified traditional curriculum and basic application. Juniors (ages 9-13) learn a broader, more detailed range of material and are responsible for other character development components, such as teamwork, leadership, anti-bullying training, and sometimes assistant martial arts instructing. Both Little Tigers and Juniors have the potential to earn their Junior Black Belt at WI-MAFC.

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  • Adults Martial Arts

    Men and women, ages 14 and up, have access to our full WI-MAFC curriculum. With material ranging from basic to advanced, and rank progressing from White to 5th Degree Black Belt, our adult students will never stop learning and improving. Teens and adults are able to participate in training that younger people are not, such as submission grappling, weapon fighting, martial arts instruction, and a more expansive traditional curriculum.

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  • Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu

    Learn the exciting techniques of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu for Combatives Self Defense Training as well as Tournament Preparation for getting in shape with Strength and Fitness Conditioning Training.

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  • Personal & Group Fitness Programming

    Targeted, science-based programming through ISSA to focus on weight loss, increased strength, flexibility, endurance, speed, muscle tone, and balance, plus bonus instruction in kickboxing, jiu-jitsu, and practical self-defense

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  • Specialty Classes (not all classes available at all schools):

  • Adaptive Classes

    Our school runs an adaptive program that modifies our curriculum to fit almost any person’s abilities!

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  • Friday Fight Night

    A night solely focused on Sparring and Grappling! Hone the skills you learned during the week in actual application.

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