• Owner and Head Instructor Charles Dean

    With over 25 years of Martial Art experience, Head Instructor Charles Dean owns and manages both the West and North WI-MAFC Centers. To read his full bio, please check out our instructors page.

  • Located on Madison's growing north side!

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  • Hours

    Monday: 9 - 10:45am and 6 - 7:15pm
    Tuesday: 9 - 9:45am and 5 - 7:15pm

    Wednesday: 9 - 10:45am and 6 - 7:15pm
    Thursday: 9 - 9:45am and 5 - 7:15pm
    Friday: 6 - 7:15pm
    Saturday: 9 - 10:30am

    Closed Sunday

  • BJJ Seminar on March 2nd!

    Come join us at WI-MAFC North for another seminar with iQ Jiu Jitsu's Professor Jared Jessup! The theme for this seminar is "Side Control Mastery"! We look forward to seeing everyone on the mat!

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    Our Valentine's Day Special of 2019!

    Happy Valentine's Day, WI-MAFC!  We are excited to announce our special for couples and singles!  Starting this Friday for the next four weeks, we will be offering FREE self defense classes covering the topics of:  Punch Defense Joint Manipulation Judo Throws Jiu Jitsu Our goal is to give our community a skillset of percussive and non percussive self defense techniques that will build confidence and allow you to feel empowered at all times! A minor schedule change for Parents [...]

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    Harlem Globetrotters demo 2018!

    Happy New Year everyone! Our 3 schools, WI-MAFC North, West, and Fitchburg had the opportunity to open up for the Harlem Globetrotters this past Saturday, December 29th. We had a number of our students that demonstrated our programs Combative Handsets, Open Hand Forms, Weaponry, and Jiu Jitsu. Also in our demo, we highlighted some of our students from our Adaptive program that demonstrated  Self-defense! Thank you to all the students that came together from all 3 schools to put [...]

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