• We are extremely happy and excited to announce that the WI-MAFC is now offering Brazilian Jiu Jitsu classes for both competition and combatives self defense training! These classes will be for adults and we’re also offering Bullysafe Jiu Jitsu for children. These will all be in addition to our existing martial arts and fitness classes. These programs will offer a different set of self defense training techniques, expand on our existing grappling base, and allow WI-MAFC members to compete in everything from local to national and international events.

    All current members are invited to begin the program free of charge until March! All that is required is the purchase of a white gi for class. The white gi MUST BE PURCHASED THROUGH YOUR INSTRUCTOR and worn during BJJ class and the black WI-MAFC uniform/rank cannot be worn during this time in order to adhere to the Brazilian Jiu Jitsu standards of practice. There will be several different gi options available from standard to elite. Standard gi price starts at $89.99.

    Any new members will be allowed to purchase a trial package that includes two months of classes and a gi for the discounted package price of $199.99.

    Classes will begin on January 16th! Get your gi and reserve your spot now!

    We are committed to bringing the best martial arts and fitness training experience to all of our members. The introduction of our new Brazilian Jiu Jitsu program is just the next step in our journey and there’s a lot more great stuff coming in 2017!

    For any questions or to get started, see your instructor!

    WI-MAFC Management Team