• New Logo - Moving Forward

    black text logo

    WI-MAFC is proud to show off our brand new logo!

    For background: Our logo represents a balance among the three disciplines studied at WI-MAFC with Judo integrated as part of our Jiu Jitsu practice.
    The scorpion represents the adaptability of our system. The scorpion is beautiful because it is one of the only creatures on this planet that can survive on land, the desert, and water. The scorpion adapts to its environment. 
    At WI-MAFC we train in order to be adaptable and protect ourselves from potential threats, feel empowered, and aim to live a healthy lifestyle.

    This logo will be an additional part of our branding here at Wisconsin Martial Arts & Fitness Center. Expect to see new merchandise like shirts, rash guards, and patches with it included!

    We will always strive for this balance, and we are proud to move forward with all of you!