• At the Wisconsin Martial Arts and Fitness Center, our adult program is just as important as our kids programs. Martial Arts can be a fulfilling, lifelong activity for people of any ability or circumstance, and we offer enough content to keep you progressing for years!

    Our adult program is for men and women age 14 and up and encompasses our full martial art and fitness curriculum. Students start training in our traditional American Martial Art system at White Belt and test through nine color belts of material which become increasingly more challenging and complex until they reach Black Belt. At the Black Belt level, WI-MAFC has seven degrees of rank (or dans) that incorporate our expert and master level curriculum as well as the opportunity to be a martial arts instructor.

    At each of our ten belts, students will learn important aspects of martial arts, including kicking, punching, and blocking techniques, practical self-defense and joint manipulation applications, traditional open-hand forms, tumbling and acrobatics, and weaponry. We also train in three forms of sport fighting at WI-MAFC. Our sparring (kickboxing/stand-up kick-punch-throw fighting, both point and continuous), and grappling (ground fighting, both position and submission) take what is taught in our standard classes and apply them to dynamic competition fighting.

    Finally, at WI-MAFC we believe that the corollary effects of martial arts training are just as advantageous to the individual and the community as the more obvious ones. “Fitness” is in our name for a reason- at WI-MAFC we heavily emphasize personal health. By training in martial arts, you will have better strength, balance, flexibility, stamina, reaction time, and general physical fitness. Additionally, with classes offered up to six days a week at our schools, you will meet new people and forge friendships with your classmates. We also teach a Code of Conduct, which places high value on self-discipline, self-confidence, outstanding citizenship, leadership, teamwork, equality and community service. Finally, because martial arts entails several physical, mental, and emotional obstacles to overcome, we at WI-MAFC aim to confront our students’ previously held beliefs about the limits of their capabilities and show them the true extent of their potential. As our student handbook says, our goal is to “challenge, motivate, and inspire students to become the best, well-rounded human beings they can be.”

    So whether you are looking to gain self-defense skills, find a way to stay physically active, start a new engaging hobby, or become a better you, WI-MAFC is the place to be!