• At the Wisconsin Martial Arts and Fitness Center, we pride ourselves on our inclusiveness and the diversity of our students. Have you ever wanted to try martial arts, but did not think you would be able to because of a physical or intellectual handicap? Now is your chance to prove yourself wrong! Our school runs an adaptive program that modifies our curriculum to fit almost any person’s abilities. You will train in traditional martial arts which includes kicking, blocking, and striking, joint manipulation, tumbling and acrobatics, and weaponry. Then you will apply these concepts to our three main forms of sport fighting: sparring, grappling, and weapon fighting.

    Our school also places heavy emphasis on physical fitness, including weight and BMI tracking and goal setting. In addition, we care deeply about our students’ personal development in such areas as safety and awareness, leadership, community service, outstanding citizenship, self-confidence, and self-discipline. We are a World Champion school with a long history of professional service to the Madison community and have produced several Black Belts through our Adaptive Program.

    We have instructors with autism and instructors in wheelchairs, and they are a vital part of our martial arts school. Maximize your potential and become the very best you can be!