• Our Mission: “We are a professional organization of diverse men and women whose goals are to harmoniously blend martial arts and fitness through teamwork, dedication, and perseverance, to serve our country with humility, and to inspire individuals to be the best they can be.”

  • At WI-MAFC we strive for diversity. We value having a strong student base from many walks of life and who have had diverse life experiences. Both novice martial artists and those who have perhaps trained for many years in other systems will find our program fulfilling. To add balance to our martial art component, our fitness implementation has been designed by certified personal trainers to add a healthy exercise aspect that is unique to this system. Our children, teen, and adult programs are all equally important to the vitality of our program, as is having representation by all genders, and by a variety of  cultures and backgrounds. An example of this inclusion is our bilingual instruction, through which several of our instructors teach martial arts and fitness in both English and Spanish. Another is our adaptive program, in which our curriculum is modified for those with physical handicaps. We are extremely proud of three of our adaptive students who, though wheelchair bound, have trained long and hard enough to earn their Black Belts.

    While we value each age group of students equally, we also know that young children, older children, teenagers and adults all learn differently. To that end, our program is tailored to each age division. For example, with our youngest students, we emphasize attentive listening, following directions, basic martial arts and basic fitness. With older children and teens, the expectation grows to include more accountability, leadership and teamwork, a more expansive martial art curriculum, and closer attention to detail in fitness. Finally, in our adult program we are able to encompass and display our full range of martial arts and fitness instruction, including all traditional aspects, boxing, grappling, weaponry, and fitness goal setting. These same components are also available to our younger students, but in a more limited capacity.

    The WI-MAFC program was derived by a team of instructors with over 50 combined years of experience in traditional martial arts and other fighting / self-defense systems, such as grappling, boxing, weapon fighting, joint manipulation, acrobatics / gymnastics, women's empowerment, anti-bullying, personal training, and others. These influences have come together to form a comprehensive, effective, and fun training system that allows our students to maximize their potential. We truly believe that our program has something for everyone. 

  • Comprehensive Curriculum:

    Each student at our school will receive a well-rounded martial arts and fitness education. We teach the standard striking and blocking movements, traditional forms, and weaponry that you would find at most other martial arts establishments. However, we also offer more unique aspects, such as practical self-defense and joint manipulation applications, tumbling and acrobatics, fitness tracking and goal-setting, different kinds of ground fighting and different kinds of stand-up fighting that incorporate elements of boxing and take-downs/throws, and more.

  • Effectiveness of Training:

    Our philosophy is that anything we teach should be practical in the real world. Everything from our basic fundamentals to our self defense applications to our sport fighting are centered around this belief. While we have advanced techniques that require a good deal of skill and finesse, even these have foundations in simple, effective, real-world practicality.

  • Frequency of Training:

    Many of our schools are open 6 days a week, with standard and specialty classes spread out across the schedule. You will be able to train as often as you want! We also have multiple locations throughout the Madison area and greater Wisconsin that are all affiliated with each other. If you are a student at one WI-MAFC school, you are able to train at any!

  • Longevity of Training:

    Our system has ranks ranging from White Belt to 5th Degree Black Belt, with years upon years worth of increasingly complex material to learn and improve upon. We never want our students to get bored or to stagnate, yet neither do we want them to rush through the ranks without obtaining proficiency. Therefore we have strict yet attainable standards at each belt and plenty of new material to look forward to as you go. You will be able to learn new curriculum as long as you want!

  • Specialty Classes:

    Our school has programs to meet specific needs or to work on detailed parts of our material. Some specialty classes include circuit training, adaptive programs for the disabled, Friday Night Fight Night, and weapons training. Most of these specialty classes come at no or a reduced charge for our regular students. 

  • Character Development:

    Martial arts are not about fighting- they are about self-defense and self-betterment. Therefore we have a Code of Conduct that we expect all our students to uphold. Students of any age, be they young children or full-grown adults, can maximize their potential through our program and become better people. Values like courage, optimism, and humility, and concepts like leadership, outstanding citizenship, and community service are all character development goals embodied in our program.

  • Physical Fitness:

    Training in martial arts is a high-intensity athletic activity. While each participant is able to train at their own personal level of fitness, we guarantee that people of any ability will be able to improve upon something through our program. Fitness components such as strength, balance, agility, speed, stamina, and flexibility are all targeted through martial arts training, as well as other health aspects one may be concerned with, such as weight loss, improved muscle mass or tone, diet management, and more! While physical fitness is what we measure at WI-MAFC, our students can attest that there are other types of benefits as well- such as enhanced focus and mental concentration, emotional stability, and the confidence and self-assurance to overcome obstacles and adversity.

  • Diversity and Equality:

    We believe our program is stronger when we have students from a variety of ages, genders, cultural backgrounds, and from many walks of life. We welcome both novice martial artists and athletes and those who have trained for many years with other systems or in other sports. We also insist on equality- our program is designed to meet the needs of a wide range of physical, intellectual and social abilities, and all are welcome! Ultimately, we recognize that is more important for a student to be their best than to be the best, and we are proud of our inclusivity.