• Saturday, May 6th, 2017


    Register at your school or club. You can find registration paperwork there, OR you can download and print it from the bottom of this page. 

  • Coming up on Saturday May 6th, an interschool tournament will be held in Madison, WI! This event is open to ALL WI-MAFC students, of all ages, and many practitioners from around Wisconsin are expected to compete! There will be divisions for children through adults of ALL ranks, so prepare for an exciting day!

    This event will challenge all participants on their total package of skills, as there will be competitions in forms, weapon forms, sparring, and grappling! 

    From White Belts to Black Belts, you'll be able to experience competition, family, and brotherhood! This event is a great opportunity to put what you have been working on to the test, and win or lose, you'll come out stronger and more well-rounded on the other side. 

    Train hard, and prepare for an great day of WI-MAFC action!

  • Pricing

    Participants (all ages, all ranks): 

    $65 (unlimited divisions)

    Spectator tickets (Purchase at the door only): 
    12 and under: Free
    13 and up: $5
  • Schedule

    8:00am Registration and check in
    8:45am Opening ceremonies
    9:00am Adaptive Divisions
    9:15am Black Belt Divisions
    10:15am Youth Divisions
    2:15pm Adult Divisions

    Order of events:
    Weapon forms, Open hand forms/combative hand sets, Sparring, Grappling.

  • Location

    The tournament will take place at the Madison North WI-MAFC Center
    Address: 607 N Sherman Ave. Madison, WI 53704

  • Events you can compete in


    • Combative Hand Set with pads, all four directions, both sides
    • Sparring
    • Grappling (WIMAFC students, and WIMAFC BJJ Students are welcome!)

    Juniors/Adults (Color Belts AND 1st degree Black Belts):

    • Open hand forms
    • Weapon forms
    • Sparring
    • Grappling (WIMAFC students, and WIMAFC BJJ Students are welcome!)

    There will also be adaptive divisions! 

    Divisions will be split by, when appropriate: Weight, gender and/or rank.

  • Rules

    The rules of the tournament will follow standard WI-MAFC Rules for all divisions. Color Belt sparring will be using "Point Sparring" rules, and Black Belt+ sparring will use “Continuous Round System” for matches with both juniors and adults! Please make sure you are familiar with the rules for the divisions you wish to participate in. Also remember that you must have ALL REQUIRED equipment for sparring, grappling, and weapon fighting matches.

    Point sparring guidelines available here.