• Owners

  • Owner and Head Instructor Charles Dean

    Martial Arts, Fitness, and teaching have always been important to Head Instructor, School Owner, and WI-MAFC co-founder Mr. Charles Dean. He graduated from Lafollette High School and earned a full football and track scholarship in 1989. He attended St. Cloud State University where he graduated in 1994 with a degree in Recreation with an emphasis in Corporate Fitness. During his third year at St. Cloud State, he enrolled at the St. Cloud Tang Soo Do martial arts school as a means of increasing his flexibility for football and track and was hooked immediately. He studied Tang Soo Do for nearly 8 years, attaining his 2nd Degree Black Belt and winning 3 Grand Championships during his time with the Moo Duk Kwan Federation. Everything came together very nicely for him as he earned two-time All American Honors in football as a running back and received professional tryouts with the New York Jets, Cleveland Browns, and the Green Bay Packers.

    After graduation, Instructor Dean moved back to Madison, WI to be closer to family and friends. He began studying Hwa Rang Do in October 2000 at the Madison East location under Master David Kijek. While he studied in HRD, he attained the rank of 3rd Degree Black Belt, became a 6-time undefeated sparring champion, and won the 2011 world heavy-weight grappling and weapon fighting championships. He also became the owner of two schools on Madison's West (2006) and North (2015) sides, and with the help of his outstanding team of black belt instructors, he was able to open 3 additional clubs in Stoughton, Mt. Horeb, and Fitchburg.

    In 2016, Mr. Dean left Hwa Rang Do to pursue a life-long dream and became co-founder of the Wisconsin Martial Arts & Fitness Center. Having his 3 sons (CJ, Isaiah, and Alex) training with him, and developing professional business relationships all over the state of Wisconsin (Widen Enterprises, Girl Scouts, Briarpatch, and the Department of Public Instruction), Mr. Dean has truly found what makes him happy, which is serving the community and teaching kids and adults.

  • Owner and Head Instructor Billie Buss

    Head Instructor Billie Buss has spent his life studying and competing in martial arts and martial sports as well as health and fitness. His path began on the mats as a young child, and he went on to be trained by Olympic wrestlers and coaches from elementary through high school, and to compete successfully in both Folk Style and Freestyle wrestling at the state and national levels.

    As a teenager, Mr. Buss fell in love with traditional martial arts training and received a first degree black belt and a third degree black belt in traditional Korean martial arts systems. During this time, he competed in many tournaments, winning one world championship in point sparring, three back to back world championships in continuous sparring, two back to back world championships in submission grappling, as well as national championships in sparring and submission grappling, all in the black belt level divisions.

    The passions that Mr. Buss felt for traditional martial arts shaped his decision on education and lead him to study traditional Chinese medicine here in the United States as well as in China. He is certified through the East West Healing Arts Institute and the Halong Jiang University.

    Believing that health and physical fitness is equally important to martial arts technique, Head
    Instructor Buss first became certified as a personal trainer through the National Academy of Sports Medicine in 2006 and he continues to maintain his personal trainer certification for working with members at his school in group fitness classes as well as personal training.

    Mr. Buss believes each of these specialized fields have helped shape his knowledge base and have lead him on the path to co-founding the Wisconsin Martial Arts and Fitness Centers where people are able to learn a unique blend of traditional martial arts and fitness to develop their personal potential in a safe, positive, and empowering way.

    Alongside Head Instructor Charles Dean, Mr. Buss has implemented programs in the Madison community that include working with at risk youth, self-defense, bully prevention, and women’s empowerment.

    Head Instructor Buss says “Martial arts and Fitness have brought so much light and positivity to my life and I’m so thankful for the opportunity to share that with the people around me!”

  • Satellite Center Lead Instructors

  • Lead Instructor Shellie Roberson

    (Fitchburg Center)

    Lead instructor at the Fitchburg Center, Shellie started her training in the martial arts in August of 2011, and holds a black belt at WI-MAFC. She is a firm believer in the discipline and structure that martial arts provides and makes it a family activity that she shares with her son and daughter.  Outside of training, Shellie works for a family business, Health Pharmacies.  She attends Metro Believers Church and enjoys spending time with her family.

  • Lead Instructor Aarron Stevens

    (Mount Horeb Center)

    Instructor Stevens started training in February of 2009.  He received his black belt in June of 2011. Mr. Stevens is currently the head instructor of the Mt Horeb Center.

  • Lead Instructor Winfred Byrd (Stoughton Center)

    Winfred began training in March, 2008, under Instructor Charles Dean. He received his black belt in December, 2012 and has since received his 2nd Degree Black Belt. As a firm believer in the value of an education in martial arts, he continues his journey and teaches to all age groups at the Stoughton Center. Outside of the dojang, Winfred is employed in the video production industry and attends Covenant Presbyterian Church of Madison, WI. He enjoys spending time with his wife and children and is an avid musician and outdoorsman.

  • Lead Instructor Don Cone

    (Appleton Center)

    Don Cone is the club owner and lead instructor at the Appleton branch of Wisconsin Martial Arts and Fitness Center. He first began his martial arts training at the age of 12. Throughout the years he has accumulated well over 10 years of total experience in martial arts training. He has also been teaching both as an assistant and head instructor for 7 years. His focus as a teacher is always to provide a supportive and positive environment for his students to challenge themselves and accomplish things they never thought possible. In his free time he enjoys participating in Tough Mudder obstacle courses, camping and hiking with his fiancee and 3 children.

  • Lead Instructor Daniel Parizo

    (Fond du Lac Center)

    Dan Parizo earned his black belt in 2014 and is the lead instructor for the Fond du Lac Wisconsin Martial Arts and Fitness Center. He teaches adults and children both in Fond du Lac and at Madison East.  He creates an engaging environment in class and both the adults and kids in class enjoy learning from him.  When he is not teaching, he is the IT Director at Marian University.

  • Black Belt Instructors

  • Instructor Jason VandeKieft

    Instructor VandeKieft began his martial training shortly after arriving in Madison in 1998.  He has taught martial arts to people of all ages for the last ten years.  Instructor VandeKieft believes that anyone can benefit from martial training regardless of their age, gender, or ability.  

  • Instructor Natasha Williams

    Instructor Williams has been training in martial arts from a young age. Over the years she has participated in and helped host a variety of international and local seminars, tournaments, and demonstrations. Instructor Williams brings a background in teaching at the elementary level to the mat, blending school and martial art approaches during her weekly bilingual classes. When she isn't teaching, she enjoys traveling with her husband Gabe and spending time with their dog Oliver. She also loves trying new things with friends and family. She credits martial arts with giving her the confidence to take on new challenges and provide motivation and guidance to her students every day.

  • Instructor Michael Boggs

    Instructor Boggs began training at the Madison West academy in January of 2004 and holds a 3rd Black Belt at the WI-MAFC Center. Mr. Boggs has attended over a 2 dozen martial art seminars, as well as participated in countless tournaments and demos. As a world grappling and continuous sparring champion, Instructor Boggs brings his positive attitude into the dojang every day. He teaches adult classes, and leads the I.T. team at WI-MAFC.  When not training or teaching, he is an avid techie and I.T. professional. He also runs a mobile DJ company with his wife, Jessica. Together they DJ over 30 events a year.  He continues his training under Head Instructor Dean.

  • Instructor Heather Lee

    Instructor Lee has been participating in martial arts for over 20 years, of which more than 15 have been spent teaching. She especially enjoys teaching kids as they have the most to gain. She finds it greatly rewarding to see a child beam with self-confidence whenever they learn a new skill or receive a good report from home or school. Outside of the dojang, Instructor Lee works as a realtor and a nurse. Through both, she has found that she loves working as an advocate for people and loves teaching them about health and investments. She feels blessed that she loves the work that she does and still has time to dabble in other things. Martial Arts have led Instructor Lee to also train in parkour, gymnastics, and stunts, each of which has taught her fundamentals that carry over to martial arts teaching.

  • Instructor Mario Sanchez

    Instructor Mario Sanchez started his martial journey in 2004, studying in traditional Korean martial arts where he received two black belts in 2006 and 2014. He has over 12 years of martial arts training and and has been teaching martial arts for over a decade.

    He has his personal trainer certification through the National Academy of Sports Medicine. Inst. Sanchez is also a certified Performance Enhancement Specialist and Corrective Exercise Specialist through the National Academy of Sports Medicine.

    He also has a strong love for films from his youth, and in 2008 he attended the United Stuntmen’s Association and started his training to become a professional stunt performer. Mario has had wonderful opportunities to work on many blockbuster films such as Captain America: The Winter Soldier, The Hunger Games: Mocking Jay part 1, Insurgent and Allegiant.

    Mr Sanchez loves to spend time with his family and friends and is soon to be a father to a beautiful baby girl.

  • Instructor Elyse Pierce

    Elyse Pierce is an instructor at the Madison West and Madison North locations of WI-MAFC. She has been training in various martial arts since she was 7 years old and is a Black Belt. Out of all the sports she has ever played, she thinks martial arts are the most fun, so she'll probably be doing them for the rest of her life. Instructor Pierce graduated from Verona Area High School in 2011 and from Hamline University in 2015 with a major in Psychology and minors in Middle Eastern Studies and Religion. She currently works in child care. 

  • Instructor Kurtis Bock

    Mr. Bock has been practicing traditional martial arts for over 17 years, first in Judo, then in traditional Korean martial arts. Mr. Bock has a diverse background that includes 13 years in the Marine Corps, of which three years were spent as a Platoon Sargeant and Commander with an infantry company and two as a Drill Instructor. Mr. Bock’s background also consists of law enforcement experience, having served for four years as a Deputy Sheriff, two of which were as a training officer in the jails. Mr. Bock enjoys learning and instructing.

  • Instructor Jon Peterson

    Jon began his martial arts journey in October of 2011 and earned his black belt in June of 2014. Jon says that he has found new personal enlightenment, confidence, and stress management abilities since beginning training. He has a deep interest in weapon fighting techniques and joint manipulations. Jon also enjoys watching students progress and overcome their personal training obstacles. Outside of the DoJang Jon enjoys weight training, tinkering in auto sports and audio systems, but finds the most enjoyment spending time with his family. Since the birth of his daughter Alexis, he feels he has found his “secret of life” – “Enjoy the wonders and awe your children can bring to you, they are everything.”

  • Instructor Amy Rambow Larsen

  • Instructor Benjamin Stueck

    A life-long resident of Madison, Ben participated in martial arts as a youngster before taking a break to attend school at the UW and Edgewood College, majoring in History, Religious Studies, and Education.  Missing the challenge, Ben started training at the eastside school in 2012, earning his black belt in 2015.  Outside the dojang, Ben works for the Madison school district as a Special Education teacher in the Dane County Juvenile Detention Center; as well as part time at Woodmans.  He also enjoys reading books of all kinds, and hanging out with his cat and dog.

  • Instructor Carrie Puckette

    Carrie Puckette has been practicing martial arts weekly since the spring of 2007. She received her black belt the summer of 2012. She teaches regularly Monday and Wednesday for the children’s classes.

  • Instructor Jerry Alexander

    Instructor Alexander is a 68-year-old, wheelchair-using, disabled Vietnam Veteran. He is a 1st degree black belt and an assistant instructor. He studied Taekwondo for three years, Kenpo GoJu for five years, and at WI-MAFC for seven years. He was a Certified Substance Abuse Counselor, retired as a Vocational Rehabilitation Specialist (working with people with disabilities) as a State of Wisconsin Employee. He is a Certified Trainer of Alcohol and Other Substance Abuse National Training System Course and he was a Probation and Parole Agent.

  • Instructor Mike Peperkorn

  • Instructor Chris Theisen

    Chris did about a year of BJJ training before moving to Madison where he started training at the East Academy in 2011 and got his black belt in 2014. Outside of martial arts Chris works at Suttle-Straus as a software engineer, regularly attends Blackhawk Church, and volunteers with Big Brothers/Big Sisters as a Big Brother.

  • Instructor Soren Scholz

    Mr. Scholz has been studying martial arts under Instructor Buss for almost 6 years. As well as martial arts, he enjoys circus art, which includes everything from juggling, to stilt walking. He also enjoys playing violin in his middle school orchestra. His favorite part of being an instructor is that he can relate to when he was the age of the kids that he is now helping because he is only a few years older than the junior class. 

  • Assistant Instructor Nick Moreno

    Assistant Instructor Moreno started training at Madison East in April 2014 and became an assistant instructor by the end of the year.  He has been instrumental in helping Spanish speaking children and their families as he is fluent in Spanish and English.  Mr. Moreno became a vegan after becoming interested in animal rights and has been a vegan for 12 years now.   He has become very knowledgeable about nutrition and he enjoys music, concerts and plays the guitar.  He also enjoys nature and outdoor activities and he currently testing for his Black Belt.

  • Assistant Instructor Skyler Puckette

  • Assistant Instructor Alejandro Aguirre

    Alejandro was interested in training martial arts for most of his life. He finally took the plunge when he had the opportunity to train with his daughter. He enjoys helping others learn, and progressing as a team. 

  • Instructor Training Program

  • Assistant Instructor Anna Eherenman

    Assistant Instructor Eherenman is fairly new to martial arts but has fitness experience through her triathalon training and other athletic activities. In addition to being the assistant instructor for martial arts classes, she runs workouts at the Marian gym several times a week. When not training or working out, she works at Marian University as an instructional designer in the Academic Technology department and spends time with her husband, kids, and dogs. She is working toward earning her black belt by summer 2017.