• Center at Fond du Lac

  • Lead Instructors Daniel Parizo

    Dan Parizo earned his black belt in 2014 and is the head instructor for the Fond du Lac martial arts stuff.  He teaches adults and children both in Fond du Lac and in the Madison East center.  He creates an engaging environment in class and both the adults and kids in class enjoy learning from him.  When he is not teaching, he is the IT Director at Marian University.

  • We are finalizing our permanent location. Until then, check our Facebook page!

  • Hours

    While we are still finalizing our permanent location, please see our Facebook page for up to minute details. 

    Monday: 6:30am - 8am (Marian Gym) and 6pm - 7:30pm (location varies)
    Wednesday: 6:30am - 8am (Marian Gym)
    Thursday: 6pm - 7:30pm (location varies)
    Friday: 11:30am - 1pm (Marian Gym)

  • Feb 24 - Royce Gracie Jiu Jitsu Seminars with Professor Jessup

    Join us at WI-MAFC North on February 24th for this Self-Defense Workshop. In this event you will learn simple and effective techniques and the Principles that govern these techniques. Royce Gracie Jiu-Jitsu Professor Jared Jessup will be leading this workshop, bringing 20 years of experience. [...]

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    Customized WIMAFC apparel with your name!

    The perfect Holiday gift for the WI-MAFC Student and/or family member! Get your customized apparel, complete with your name, on hats, shorts, t-shirts, zip up Hoodies, and sweatpants!  All pre-orders must be in by December 6th and will be delivered on Dec 18th. Just in time for the [...]

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